Dear neighbors,

Over the past two weeks we have all experienced a remarkable change in our daily lives. Each of us has been under extreme circumstances, our students are home, offices have moved home, and our healthcare providers are still heading to their facilities. The challenges we are facing now is for the future of both our community and the country.

Thank you for each of those families that have practiced social distancing and stayed home. As a healthcare worker, I am very appreciative of your sacrifices. Following the guidelines given during the Covid-19 pandemic ensures the health and safety of our families, neighbors, and community.

At this time, the following DVIA community events will be cancelled:

1. The DVIA board meetings April 13 and May 11, 2020
2. The Easter Egg Hunt on April 4, 2020
3. The DVIA Yard Sale on April 25, 2020

The Baltimore County Planning Board, which the meeting was postponed, has contacted all parties and asked for the submission of our letter. This has been done. The board: specifically, the zoning committee and myself are keeping informed regarding the zoning process. Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by Covid-19, including those diagnosed, their caregivers at home, those whose employment and the schools that have been affected, the healthcare community and those working at life-sustaining businesses.

We are living through a time of uncertainty, with much unknowns for the coming weeks and months ahead. During these times, it is important to lean on your family, and reach out to your neighbor or community.

Be well, be informed, be in contact,

Ellen Birkenthal
DVIA President