About the Dulaney Valley Improvement Association


Members of the Dulaney Valley Improvement Association include those 634 residences and properties that reside within the area formed by the intersection of York Rd (45) and Seminary Rd. Seminary Rd and Dulaney Valley  Rd (146) and the Baltimore Beltway (I-695), and the Baltimore Beltway (I-695) and York Rd (45).


The DVIA Board consist of five officers who are elected to one-year terms during our November meeting. Those positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. Each position carries voting rights.

There are also a number of general Board Members who are not officers, and who hold voting rights at all DVIA meetings. A motion is made by a Senior Officer to appoint an individual to the Board, and, pending an approval vote by the other Board Members, the individual becomes a Board Member. 

Membership in the DVIA is optional, and open to any persons residing in the aforementioned boundaries. Dues are annual and donations are greatly appreciated. All funds go toward providing community services for residents, including seasonal activities, community gatherings, yard sales, community decoration, and general improvements to our community. 


The DVIA Board is a committed group of volunteer residents from our community who work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality of living for our community members.


President - Ellen Birkenthal

Vice President - Vacant

Treasure - Maxwell R. Collins, II, Esquire

Recording Secretary - Robert A. Cordes, M.D.

Corresponding Secretary - Vacant


Board Member - Megan Britt

Board Member - Susan Shaffer

Board Member - Kate Schruffer

Board Member - Lizzy Baird

Board Member - Bill Frank
Board Member - PJ Connolly
Board Member - Tim Ruppalt
Board Member - Tom Bullinger

Board Member - Jeff Orbin


Newsletter Editor - Megan Britt

Children's Activities - Julie Culotta & Melanie Ganter

Hampton ES Liaison - Jessie Jaeger

Social Media - Ashley Oliver

Web Master/Database - Jeff Orbin

Database/Dues Tracking - Christy Rowe

Who May Become a Board Member or Lend a Hand?

Any resident or individual that the current Officers feel would be a good Board Member may appoint one.

And we are always looking for good neighbors who want to volunteer to lend a hand.